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Our vision is to make people live better and longer. 

Our mission is to become the point of reference for your longevity in Italy.

Renovo® is the first network of clinics dedicated to Oxygen Ozone Therapy in Milan. 

We work to help you live a long, energetic life, with total attention to your entire body.

Renovo® is a project born from the experience in the medical field of Vibimedica srl, which has been operating for more than 15 years as a dentistry, oxygen ozone therapy, physiatry and physiotherapy, dermatological surgery and other specialist clinic in the Milan hinterland. The Renovo® project is supervised by the health management of Dr. Ademir Festa, Orthopedist and Physiatrist, Ozone Therapist.

All therapies and treatments are carried out in an authorized outpatient healthcare environment by medical specialists, oxygen ozone therapists, nurses and massage therapists specialized in oxygen ozone therapy.


Dr. Ademir Festa

Physiatrist Ozone Therapist

Health Director


Dr. Vincenzo Bonanno

Maxillofacial surgeon

Ozone therapist


Dr. Margherita Gatti

Nuclear Doctor

Ozone therapist


Dr. Armando Pellanda

Anesthetist Ozone Therapist


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